Ja, dav!

Stærkt inspireret af Janus Superkulturists “Scifihaiku’er”, men netop for IKKE at gå ham i bedene, forsøger jeg mig lige med en stribe “Scifi-limmerikker”. Og så må vi (jeg) se om det i falder god jord eller på hård klippegrund. Here goes:


There was this Ringworld Protector,

Who build in the Known Space sector.

He was keen on his Breed,

And most ready to weed,

You could call him Hannibal Lecter.


The place was Arrakis with dunes.

It sported two gibbous moons.

And hither came Paul,

who, although he was small,

made indigneous people act goons.


They all had the middle-name “Lon”.

And all of their brains had just gone.

So they build a new mind,

Of the digital kind,

And the question is wether they won.


In Rama, the sea is a torus,

Cylindrical and most abhorreous.

But both captain and crew

Was ready to prove,

That Rama would never destroy us.


In the future, when mind come to power,

Do expect emotional shower!

If you just get Ubik

you live as Rubic,

Escaping the tarotial Tower.


On Gethen, the planet called “Winther”,

Corporeal love is a cinder,

Except in those days,

When the kemmering plays,

And reason is going a-splinter.

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