I haven’t killed anybody for years

Man skal lære, så længe mange lever – bl.a. at finkulturen også har sin berettigelse (/joke).

I dag har jeg f.eks. lært. at Iain Banks Hvepsefabrikken er blevet omdannet til en opera. Her fortæller librettist David Pountney om adaptationen:

My task was therefore to tell the story as concisely and clearly as possible, and then to find a way of giving the libretto a dramatic structure. Being concise essentially meant ruthlessly filleting the book, not an easy task when the key parts of the narrative include detailed descriptions of three murders committed by Frank. Normally this kind of circumstantial detail would be too ponderous for a libretto, but in this case the meticulous and calculated methods of this juvenile serial killer defined the character.

Og en af sangene fra operaen, der har en pudsig Kate Bush-vibe.

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