Linkdump: Frankenstein og det holografiske univers

Linkdump: Frankenstein og det holografiske univers

Fra Frankenstein til universets mørkeste og grusomste dyb.

Whose Mary is is anyway? Anne Eekhout om at skrive fiktion om Mary Shelley.

So, if we know so little about her inner life, are we free to imagine it? It took me half a novel to get there, but I would say we are. And we should. It is our job, as human beings, to create truthful art, and by that I mean art that comes from deep within. It is our job to create, whatever monsters may be born from it. We can and should make anything from anything, from nothing even, without thinking twice. Just as long as you feel you are telling the truth within you.

Into the holographic universe. Interview med Alexander Weinstein om “Efter Yang”

One night, about ten years ago, my computer crashed, taking with it much of my work up until that point. I was pretty devastated, especially because I had an emotional connection to the laptop (it had traveled with me through three states, been with me when I got into an MFA program, etc.) and I began to cry. At that moment, I realized I was emotionally connected to my electronics!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Sanctum. Den omvendte Indiana Jones.

Den syvstjernede juvel. Oh, der er en dansk oversættelse af Bram Stokers “The Jewel of Seven Stars” på vej.

Galaxy of Horror. Sådan formidler man verdensrummet

Four flies on grey velvet (1971) 3 dev Adam (1973)

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